canviar de ciutat, de feina, d'amics... un dels meus hobbies, què us he de dir! començar de zero... m'agrada i a la vegada em fa ser cada cop més forta... però no sempre es pot ser forta i a vegades caus i no saps com aixecar-te... Al final he après a plantar arrels i aquí estic, a Munic amb el meu xicot i una preciositat de fillet :)


dissabte, d’agost 19, 2006

mata ne!

sniff sniff... I'm now at Kansai Airport, it's 10:24 and 10:30 is boarding time. I don't want to leave. Moreover, I don't want to go back to Germany. It's not that I don't like it there, but after three weeks being abroad, I just feel like I want to go back home. Home, with my family, where I can speak my mothertongue. I'm quite tired and have headache and I forgot to send a lot of postcards and I think people here at the airport are not allowed to take postcards from other people. They all denied it, to send them for me. Strange, they were so kind to me until now!

Anyway, I should go now... I'm sad, very sad. If I could, I would take a piece of this land and people with me. Ok, let's do it! I'm taking them in my heart, forever.

Oyasumi nasai, Japan!